Monday, 12 April 2010

Short and Sweet Reminder!

Hi film lovers

We are getting more and more excited about the launch of the very first 3D stereoscopic short film festival in the UK. Taking place at the Barbican on Friday, 16 July. Call for entries now open....for more info check out the website: or follow us on twitter (

Looking forward to a normal Short & Sweet night on Monday with a selection of old and new short films, music videos and short animations from:
Rhett Dashwood
Will Sinclair
Daniel Greaves
Gwyneth Paltrow & Mary Wigmore
That Go
Marc Reisbig
Stuart Bamforth (
Ro Rao

Monday, 12 April
Cafe 1001, 91 Brick Lane
Doors open at 18h30
Films start at 19h30


Our friends at the LA 3-D Movie Fest are also calling for submissions!

Head to their website at for info regarding entry or contact Eric Kurland at

Regular deadline: 15th April / Late deadline: 30th April


Submissions are now open for Branchage Festival, 23rd - 26th September 2010. We're looking for your films to help bring this year's festival to life - any length, any genre, any subject, any style.

Submission is hassle-free via Withoutabox, see for details.
Branchage combines cutting-edge commissions and creative programming with all that’s charming about the island of Jersey, specialising in one-off live music and film events, and transforming Jersey’s most iconic landmarks into inspirational and atmospheric screening venues.

Early Bird deadline: 29th April / Regular deadline: 22nd June / Late Deadline: 8th July

For submission fees, guidelines and entry visit Withoutabox via our website

Any questions, please email

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Monday 2nd Nov

Awesome to have so many directors present on Monday night, Tom Harper, Joseph Pierce, Hyebin Lee, Stachemou and Xavier Zahra. For those of you who couldnt make it, here is Supinfocom graduate Xavier's film 'Weekend en Foret'. Enjoy (Happy belated Halloween).

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Virgil Widrich!

I know all of you who have been to short and sweet and seen one of Virgil Widrich's films, either OSCAR nominated 'Copy Shop' or 'Fast Film', have been absolutely blown away. So we asked the wonderful Mr Widrich to upload the 'making of's' in a Short & Sweet exclusive, so we could all have a glimpse into how this genius works!

The making of 'Fast Film':

The making of 'Copy Shop':

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Signe Baumane

This week's upcoming Short & Sweet programme will take you on a rollercoaster of emotion, but as usual will end on a high with some more fun films from Signe Baumane. Signe is famous for her Teat Beat of Sex episodes. She currently lives in New York! You can buy all 15 episodes for only $19 (incl. packaging) here:

Short & Sweet has an exlcusive interview with Signe Baumane:

When did you discover your passion to write and be a film maker. Did you study?

I wrote my first novel when I was 8 and since that age I really wanted to be a writer and nothing else. Everybody kept telling me - you need to have some life experience to be a writer, but I was like - fuck life experience, I can imagine anything I want. My first novel was a romance, actually, more of a sexual escapade, my mother read it and was shocked how precisely her 8 year old described sexual act.

My short stories and poems were published in Latvian papers and magazines since I was 14, but people still kept telling me about getting life experience. So I went to Moscow to study philosophy and learn one or two things about life. Moscow State University at that time was the best school in the whole Soviet Union, am not even quite sure how I got in. Am not so smart to pass exams with the best results, but I might have charmed some of the examinators, impressing them with my integrity or Latvian pride, with something, not sure what. The University gave me the best education I could ever possibly get, thought me to think independently, ask questions and gave me a key to my Eternal Soul, I mean, to understanding myself as a part of the human race a bit better. I had an array of foreign lovers (in Soviet Union it was forbidden to have sex with foreigners, you could be kicked out of school or any good position/job you had) and learned a lot about life, passion, highs and lows of love. One or two things about sex, too.

What inspired you to write the Teat Beat Episodes?

I always liked to talk about sex. It is a very underestimated subject, and that, to my opinion, causes a lot of misunderstandings. If we talked more about it, we'd learn more. We'd shared some insights and eliminated the ongoing war between genders. But no, farts and taking shit are far more preferred subjects than sex.

What do we need to know about farting? It's all in the air! But sex - it's not so visible, although we all think about it every 8-12 seconds, and we need to bring it out, discuss it. In any case, that is my humble opinion.

But the story how exactly "Teat Beat of Sex" came about is a bit longer.

You’ve done extensive research on sex – can you tell the readers 2 things you’ve found out.

There are only 2 things to tell - 1) I had had sex and 2) I know nothing about it. I only know what I feel,

or how it felt with my partners but I have no idea what exactly my partners felt, and each of the them was so different, too... Am sure the ones that I dismissed as lousy lovers were amazing with other girls,

and some of my amazing lovers were lame with others. It's all so personal and based on so many mysterious components that I realize I will never be able to decipher sex. But I do have opinions. I discovered that what we call sexy is based only on the looks, not on true sensuality. True sensuality sometimes conflicts with the looks and fashion, and so you see what choices people make, what is more important to them - to feel or to look.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I dont really have a spare time, sorry to disappoint you.

What I do (animation) is a lifestyle, it starts at 7 am when I get up and am living it till 11 pm - Midnight when I go to bed.

What have you got in the pipeline?

I am working on a feature!! We need a co-producer! Do you know anyone who'd be interested?

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Virgin Media Shorts

When putting on a short film festival one of the worries has to be that no one will turn up to see the films and show support. Luckily this was not the case at the Virgin Media Awards last month, there was a massive turnout all eager to support short film.
Not so lucky was the fact that we were all made to wait outside and queue round the corner (and up the stairs) for at least an hour, the excuse being 'The filmmakers are having their photos taken'. This was really unfortunate, as we all had tickets and were eager to support this festival. Eventually we gave up, left and never actually saw any films.

What was great was to see so many people interested in short films and witness their growing popularity.

Mixtape by Luke Snellin

CGI-brows by Rocketsausage

Monday, 12 October 2009

KLIK Animation Festival

JJ went International last week – we spent 5 days in the DAM...yes, Amsterdam! We went to the KLIK Animation Festival and this piece by Mathieu Labaye really blew us away. Amazing work Mathieu. THANK YOU! Can't wait to share this one with the Short & Sweet audience!

Keith Bearden

We had the pleasure of meeting the talented and very funny, Keith Bearden last week. He currently lives in NYC, but was shooting a commercial in France and came to London for a day to say hi to us! We love you Keith! “The Raftman’s Razor” was Keith’s very first short film. He wrote and directed it – this film has won numerous awards!

A poignant and timeless tale of the awakening of two small town American teens to the wider world of transcendent art.